The cowboy bunkhouse
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In the  Bunkhouse
Here we are, jest settin' and talkin'.  We'd like you to meet the Head Honcho of our gang:  First of all, there's Renegade, (That's what he goes by) He got this whole thing up and goin' back in 1994, when he started doin' cowboy stuff.  He's a whip cracker, roper, Historian, teller of tall tales and he's  even been in a Motion Picture or 2. He's been in lots of reenactments includin': Wells Fargo Robbery, OK Corral, Lincoln County New Mexico War, Johnson County WY war, and post Civil War robberies by the James-Younger Gang.  These were some pretty tough years ~ 1866 through 1899. He was a Southern Bushwacker in the movie "Ride With the Devil", a grand portrayal of post-Civil War years. He has many years of horse ridin' and cattle rustlin' under his gunbelt, and he can even show kids how to rope a steer head, do a bit o' whip crackin', brandin', "liars' bench",  and pannin' for gold. Heck, there's even a saloon with Sarsparilla (Root Beer) we can bring, in case you ain't got one!  He's got a whole passel of stories about his roots, and even some that aren't true. Renegade's got a lot fellers and gal reenactors he can bring along to any of your events. Hay ~ you jest never know what this 'Ol cowpoke can come up with! 
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